Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fortuny coat

While I wait for the top to finish drying, I have been working on the coat.

The fabric is a silk/rayon velvet from Mood fabrics - I was nervous about the hand since I only had the small swatch, but I'm very pleased with the combo of weight and flowy-ness.  It's a bit scratchy, so I'm glad that I have the silk to line it with.  I need to test that out actually, to make sure that the scratchiness doesn't make it through the thin layer of silk!

Pattern is New Look 6378 with 2 inches added to the sleeves, and cut off at the length I wanted (below my bum)..

I matched my two front sides and the sleeves and everything!  I messed up a little on the back by centering it between the two main motifs rather than having one line of motifs going straight up.  Ah well.

Close up - gold is the velvet, silver is some sort of paint.  That's the part that is a little scratchy.  The inside fabric is fine - I'm just worried about the seam allowances.

Somewhat true-to-color comparison of the dress with the coat.  Coat looks a little less yellow in person.

Was also realizing that it would be quite easy to add pockets to this.  I need to either do that or make a matching clutch.  I have enough left over to do either.


  1. Thanks! It's been a really fun project- I need to figure out the shoulders, then I'll be brave and post a picture with it on.