Monday, June 18, 2018


I think this will wrinkle less, or at least more evenly, with time, and if I don't button that bottom button.  This is after driving to work and sitting at my desk for an hour on a hot day.  So...I'm not too worried about the future (of this shirt, at least).

I like this pattern!  I'd redo the button placement next time, since I like to have a button right between my breasts.  I haven't done sleeve button tabs before and I like them.  I left the darts unsewn until everything else was done, and I think I'll do that again.  I wanted this to be a loose, comfy summer shirt that I could wear open over a tank.  After assessing the fabric drape when worn, it was easy to decide to put those darts back in (thread traced, fortunately).  I could imagine that if this had been a stiffer fabric, I might have left those out.  There is still a bust dart for some shaping, and everything lines up really well with where my parts actually are - a nice treat! 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Previous linen set

Just to show what got me on the Kaufman Brussels washer linen bandwagon, here is a combo I put together from New Look 6450 and a self-drafted skirt with angled gores that was based on another skirt I got from a charity shop in Bristol.  Apologies for the wrinkles- it is worse than normal since I'd stuffed it into my bike trunk on the ride in to work this morning.

The skirt is a bit off-kilter here - the bias bits seem to breathe and move around on a minute-to minute basis.  Note that I have no idea what to do with the tie.

Back - a bit risque!  Definitely have to wear one of my racerback bras for this one.   I'm at work today, but I just throw on my comfy office sweater if I need to meet with my students.   I love the texture of this fabric - it's got navy and white cross-threads so it's really detailed.

Skirt - you can BARELY see the lines of the scallops here, but you can at least see that it does sometimes hang straight.  Except for the zipper bulge on my left hip - Whoops! I'm standing slightly sideways here, so everything looks a wee bit wonky.

Anyway - my summary is that I loved the fabric enough to buy more of it in a dark brown and a white - so far it seems like the type of blend that wrinkles LESS each time I wash it.  I find that quilting cottons seem to wrinkle in the same spot each time, particularly near the hems, and that it gets worse with every washing.  I also think I'll have another go at this gored skirt, perhaps with even a bit more volume at the hem.  

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Next up:

I'm keeping (hopefully) control of my stash and have been making things faster than I buy fabric (barely).  Big change is using amazon to buy through, which makes it less tempting to grab 3-4 garments worth of fabric at a time.  Plus, I can buy through "smile" and support my kids' school.

Finishing: Vogue 9008 shorts, in a dark brown rayon/linen, pleated version, mid-length.  Just need to do waistband.  Love this fabric - it's Kaufman Brussel's washer linen and I'm a huge fan now.

 Next 2: McCalls 7575 in white (Kaufman Brussels, again) with plain abalone shell buttons.  Wanted a nice but boxy big shirt that still had a bust dart, but didn't want princess seams or a front yoke.  DID want a 2-part sleeve and a true yoke.  So, am trying this one out and am planning on marking but probably not sewing the waist darts.  Will probably make the band collar version, in the longer length.

 Vogue 9293, full skirt, cap sleeve version, in a combo of striped shirtings

Shirtings bought on, same company/brand as I bought the wonderful lightweight emerald green material this spring.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


I'll try (?) to get back into blogging a little bit now - Two major changes have occurred in my sewing universe.

1: I destashed.  We are leaving for England again in the spring, and are having a graduate student stay at the house while we are gone.  That, plus a general desire to declutter and be able to see the floor everywhere in the house.  So - I dumped out ALL the fabric and gave away 3 trashbagfulls of >1 yard pieces.  Also threw away all the teensy bits that I was never going to use, unless it was silk, linen or Liberty.

2: I gained a bit of weight.  Not a huge amount, but enough that my belly area feels different to me and some of the dresses that used to be comfortable now make me feel like I have to suck in all day and make me exhausted by the time I get home.  So - I'm rethinking what I want to wear and how I want to sew.  I'm 42, so I'm not terribly surprised that my body is changing a bit.

Recently completed:
Another pair of Marni scuba fabric pants using Vogue 1411 (Sandra Betzina) with a slightly higher waistband (1").  LOVE.

Elastic waist brown linen shorts.  Since I've given up.  :)  No, really, it's because it is HOT here in the summer sometimes and I need stuff to bring to Hawaii. I'm about to make another brown linen shorts pair, this time with Vogue 9008.

2 more Butterick 6016!  I'm in such a rut.  One is a gorgeous, cheap, emerald green shirting.  The other one is a Kaufman purple metallic linen (scratchy!).  The stiffer Kaufman shows that I have too much material above the bust and need to rotate a dart around somewhere.  I've done a pleat or gather on some of my versions up there, might as well try to add it in for real.

Vintage Vogue Designer Orignals 1554 (Guy Laroche) in a lightweight rayon/denim.  Meh.  It was a bear to complete and it kind of just looks like a fancy caftan on me.  Perhaps with an even lighter weight fabric.  I did get a compliment from the lady behind the counter at a coffee shop, but she could just see the collar.

There are others, but that is all I can remember right now.