Monday, February 11, 2019

Finished top photos

I finally took photos of my completed top - started 3 years ago during our first trip to Britain!

As a reminder, I made a stencil out of transparency film (ugh - won't do that again) and hand stamped the design using silver fabric paint on one of two xxl men's tshirts.  I snipped off the neckline of the underlying shirt (light gray), and recut armholes and side seams so that it is slightly snug in the upper torso and then more flowy at the bottom.  

I left the bottom hems intact, and stitched on necklines from another shirt into the armholes after stitching/snipping the design.  Oh, and originally the lower shirt was tan but I didn't like all that contrast, so I did an almost tie-dye effect on the lower layer in gray.  I used a mix of grays for the embroidery, so everything is at least mildly organic (I hope).  I wish I could have had matching shirt necks for the armholes, but I couldn't find anything. It actually looks far worse here (darker) because this just came out of the wash and the arm bands are darker when they are wet.

Neckline, showing how the under-layer is stitched to the top layer on the inside.  Also, so many knots!  This was a lot of hand stitching.

Closeup of stitching.


  1. Wow, love that stencil design! The top turned out brilliantly. I'm just about to stencil (using freezer paper cut on a digital cutter, and an airbrush) my second top.

    1. Thanks! Good luck on yours - stenciling is fun! I'm still mixed on whether I prefer to do this all with pre-existing garments or start with uncut fabric.