Wednesday, March 27, 2019


1: Making sweater with cone of plum-colored thrift store yarn (size 6 needles, lacey pattern).

2: Rainbow sequin/bead cross hanging - inspired by my frustration at the Methodist church for their recent decision. Our congregation is a fully inclusive one (reconciling congregation), so I imagine the fight will go on.

3: AC-style pansy top - only a couple edges to stitch on in the back out of the 22+ flowers, then a bit more stitching on the stamen.  Sequins need to be added to about 80%, but that goes pretty quickly.

4: Matching skirt - not done at all!  I did trim the tops of the skirt+lining, and have the elastic ready.  Need to base the top edge over the elastic, so that I can fit the side seams. 

Refashioning of thrift store purchases:

Wide-leg canvas cargo trousers, trimmed into hemmed, above-knee bermuda shorts.  Comfy, but Jeanne says they are very unattractive!  :)

Full length black, embroidered gauzey knit trumpet skirt with big, swishy godets along the bottom.  I bought it to see if I liked floor-length skirts, but it was a bit too big around the waist and the massive heft of the thing constantly pulled it down.  Uber-frumpy.  So, I hiked the whole thing up to about knee length, re-used the elastic waistband after chopping it and taking it in, and took in the side seams.  Was limited a bit by the point where the godets tops hit the side seam - that now falls about 2" 1" below where I started decreasing to the waist.  It's okay, and much more wearable than it was.

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