Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rayon knits

My kids are having a good late spring/summer.

The tight skirt and swing tank I made out of the rayon french terry that I bought online are a sort-of-success.  It meets my goal of wearing things that feel like I'm in my pajamas, they are taupe-ish, and I learned something while making them.

1: One yard is not enough to make a double-layer knit skirt.  For this one, the fabric was about 60" wide.  I folded it in half (30"x36" rectangle) and wrapped it around my hips the long way.  I then pinned closely along the other folded edge (Needed two seams for symmetry/stability) and pinned out about 2" of excess above my hips in towards my waist.  Serged both side seams.  It's SNUG!  Hubby likes it, but it is a bit tight for work.

2: The swing top covers that, so yay!  1 yard is barely enough to make a single layer big top.  Perhaps I could have gotten a more closely-fitted top as a double layer out of this yardage.

3: I ended up with a bulky waistband, which shows under the very lightweight top.  There were probably 50 other ways to put this together and I'll try another one next time.

4: Duh - if you are going to want a raw edge, you need to cut to the right length before serging.  Since the serged seam edge can't be easily cut without unraveling.  So- the bottom edge still includes the selvedge, which on a knit is not super.  You can see the little holes from the machine that rolls the fabric, as well as some pulls.

I still want to wear this outfit ALL THE TIME!.  

Boring pose:

Even less natural pose, but moving a bit so that you can see how stretchy the fabric is and how it transmits the lumps below.  Oh well.  

I have 1.5 yards left in a burgundy - some sort of cardigan would really make this a nice set.  I'm going to wash these pieces a bit first and see how well they handle it.  The skirt started to get pretty wrinkly, which surprised me a bit for a knit!

Mimi found a hammock.

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