Saturday, June 24, 2017

Vogue 1554 underdress pictures

Here's the pictures of my underdress with the zipper put in (hand picked!) and the right hand shoulder pinned.  I let out each side seam below the waist by about 2 mm to accommodate my hippies, but now that kind of makes it even more obvious that the upper torso is a bit big.  The armhole is very low, so I think that my next step is to shorten at the shoulders a bit.  The armhole also gaps a bit, although that might get fixed a little bit after I do the bias facing as instructed.   I'm taking notes, since I love all the darts and think I'll make another dress with just this underdress pattern if I can get it to fit well.

I've put on some lines showing the crazy number of darts (plus the hemline, to show that it won't be quite so dowdy).

See?  Too much room in the back.  But just BARELY enough in the bottom.  :)

Funny pose here to show the armhole (it's pretty low, since there is still a 5/8" seam allowance there), but look how much shape this dress gives!  I have a bit of a belly and somehow it kind of disappears here.  I'm loving the darts.

I should mention - this is a kind of funny fabric, and I'm glad to be using it up.  It's a smooth cotton, kind of like a batik fabric in terms of how silky and dense it is, with a bit of a crackle texture to it.  And the crackle seems to be getting worse - anywhere it has been folded or folded in the dryer is showing a new lighter line.  So - I don't think this was going to be good for a "real" garment. 

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